Friday, March 23, 2012


im so glad you could make it and on your birthday!

of all days ...

well i guess its everyday so no big deal ...

and look look! that egg...your head...its hatching!

wait ... what? you dont have one you say?

... a head or an egg? ...

oh well thats okay ... only in a well tho!

either way i hear you're here to find the NEST EGG correct? and maybe even push the button ...

sew listen ... you can keep the nest egg ... if you can find it ... infact ... IF you find it (as some dirty selfish incentive) you'll WIN a gas mask for FREE! ... (afterall we have 700 of them laying around but thats another story) ... you just have to promise me that once you've found the nest egg and it hatches ... you'll push the button ... no questions asked.

either way the rules are simple :

RULE ONE:     

you CANNOT under ANY circumstances ever hit the "BACK BUTTON"
(your probably saying yeah right how will you even know ... well you're right ... i wont know but you're not gonna find the egg by going backwards silly)

you CAN either "D.I.Y. till you DIE" or ask a "TOUR GUIDE"
(either choice results in the same confusion ... however i recommend asking a tour guide as some of them are actually here to help ... but some arnt so ... read really closely and best of luck!)

RULE THREE:       

the "NEST EGG" looks like the button bellow if you see one click it!
(however there are MORE than just ONE! ♫↔♫├Žnd only ONE is the real "Nest Egg" ... the others will bring you back to the 5 dead mentions (them portal poop shoots) ... where you will continue on by yourself (abandoned by any previous tour guide))

RULE FOUR:         

IF you DO get lost ... you can click the "lost blush no rush back to the krux" tab and find yourself at the very beginning again ... (try talking to one of the tour guides along the way ... they wont try to get you lost promise)

RULE FIVE :         
IF you DO find it .... you can send an email to with a subject title of "i FOUND THE NEST EGG" and  the secret phrase written to prove that you actually found the correct page. (exchange of the gasmask for your efforts shall be unique to your circumstance)

well thats it safe journies happy birthday and good mourning to you hope it all works out ...

DiY till YOU Die, you say?

or . . .

who even wrote these rules  . . .

"Ask A Tour Guide"

well... with whom, did you meat?

(the back of the card)

we wish you well . . . in this wishing well